The desire to create a brand which inspires the modern woman to:

Accept yourself fully and express yourself fearlessly; Feel truly alive; Realise your unlimited potential; Enjoy guiltless indulgence whilst helping humanity; Be inspired and be your own source of inspiration; Take yourself less seriously and enjoy life more fully; Tap into your creativity, manifest miracles and rediscover your wisdom.

Their desire was to create a space where you can learn to embody all aspects of your essence; explore your inner world, reconnect to your body through sound and rhythm and lose yourself in your senses. Where you can be:

*Kind and Fierce* *Wild and Holy* *Deep and Playful* *Soft and Strong* *Spiritual and Stylish* *Naked and Adorned*

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We believe in

the importance of sisterhood. supporting women to be powerful and courageous. Living confidently and joyfully.

and above all else to play, dance and have fun!


Nikki Hillis


“Treatments with Nikki are like pressing the reset button on life!” - Vicki

Nikki is an intuitive healer, mentor and nutrition & beauty expert. Over the last 13 years she’s transformed lives with her alchemy of skills including Shamanic Practices, Reiki and Theta Healing, EFT and NLP Coaching. Her expert quotes have been featured in Huffington Post Lifestyle, Hello magazine and The Daily Mail.  

She loves bringing people together to hold healing and revealing spaces with ritual and reverence. Bridging the gap between the spiritual and material worlds. Equipping women with practical and sustainable tools to live, love filled, lit up, high vibe lives.



Sarah Stacey


“Sarah is a much needed an inspiration, teaching women how to show up in the world with authenticity and integrity” - Lauren Armes Founder of Welltodo

Sarah is an embodiment coach, goddess activator, tantric teacher and celebrity stylist. She works with women who’re ready to start playing big in the world and own their god given right to take up space and be seen and heard in every way. She supports women 1;1 to make subtle shifts out of the ‘white picket fence’ lifestyle so they can live and love wholeheartedly and get there in a playful, sexy and stylish way too!

Queen of all things 'self expression' she literally sings and dances her way through life and says:


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Creative Contributor

Dani holds a BA degree in Art, is a certified Art Therapist, NLP Coach, poet and published writer and DJ. She teaches regular workshops for adults and kids at Mon’Studio Toulouse, in France, alchemizing different mediums of paint, crafts, textiles and jewelry, she takes you an odyssey of self discovery, accessing the hidden parts of your essence, helping you breath life into your dormant creativity, whilst holding you in sacred space with her gentle, angelic presence.

Her creative projects create a state of wellbeing and Flow, which has become highly popular in positive psychology.

“The heart of creativity is an experience of the mystical union; the heart of the mystical union is an experience of creativity.” Julia Cameron, The artist’s way.