Nikki Hillis

“Treatments with Nikki are like pressing the reset button on life!” - Vicki

Nikki is an intuitive healer, mentor and nutrition & beauty expert. Over the last 13 years she’s transformed lives with her alchemy of skills including Shamanic Practices, Reiki and Theta Healing, EFT and NLP Coaching. Her expert quotes have been featured in Huffington Post Lifestyle, Hello magazine and The Daily Mail.  

She loves bringing people together to hold healing and revealing spaces with ritual and reverence. Bridging the gap between the spiritual and material worlds. Equipping women with practical and sustainable tools to live, love filled, lit up, high vibe lives.

‘Ritual is a key to reverence, it awakens you to deep presence, it expresses what words cannot with symbol, embodiment and feeling.’

Nikki’s a sense seductress, creating enchanted, supercharged spaces that send you into other worlds with her deep meditations, whilst holding powerful sacred space.

A lover of creative exploration and embodied movement Nikki loves to release her wild inner child with dance to deep tribal beats. A certified yoga teacher, she combines movement, meditation and breath with ritual to help women reconnect to their unique essence and inner wisdom. Whilst her uniquely created treatments infuse healing with meridian points, essential oils, crystals and sound to realign her clients.


Sarah Stacey

“Sarah is a much needed an inspiration, teaching women how to show up in the world with authenticity and integrity” - Lauren Armes Founder of Welltodo

Sarah's work as a Confidence Coach and Professional Makeup Artist & Stylist has taken her all over Europe, she’s created stunning looks and cultivated confidence for countless brides. Made up models for runway and perfected celebs for big name ad campaigns.

Queen of all things 'self expression' she literally sings and dances her way through life and says

"Words alone can't always portray the beauty and passion women posess, but add movement and music and adornment and WOW! " 

She believes when we style with intention and turn routine into ritual we begin to express ourselves with authenticity and confidence over competition and comparison. 

Also an accredited Intuitive massage therapist and trained yoga teacher, Sarah educates women to re-embody their bodies and reconnect to their creativity and sacred sexuality.

She lives life by the 4 x S’s, Spirituality, Sensuality, Self development and Style. She says:

"To style with integrity is to honour your true and ever changing expression"