1 week to transform your relationships for life!


Are you ready to activate your full power, potential and create the life & relationships of your dreams?.

Are you ready to activate your full power, potential and create the life & relationships of your dreams?

Are you tired of not feeling enough, making the effort to fix, manage and control your relationships & dealing with conflict? Or struggling to find and keep love? And instead want to experience deep intimacy & connection; to be fully seen, heard, desired & cherished?

Do you want to dissolve comparison & competition & re-connect to your sensual, seductive & wild nature so you can live from a place of radical self love, freedom and peace?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, lost, out of touch with your deepest desires & want to learn the art of conscious communication & how to create healthy loving boundaries? So you can get your needs met and live an easy, effortless and graceful life filled with purpose, passion, play & pleasure.

Are you at a time in your life where you want more clarity, confidence & courage than ever before & to learn practical magic tools to make your life more rich, juicy and fulfilling?

Harmonise & unify the masculine and feminine energies within and create your own sense of belonging so you can live, laugh and love from a place of core confidence, contentment and peace

Join us to learn our tried and tested methods. Be ready for transformation, deep belly laughter and soul satisfying conversations with other awesome and inspiring women.


- Embodied Dance 
- Womb Activation 
- Conscious Communication 
- Art of seduction & Radiance 
- Kundalini Yoga & Acro Yoga 
- Heart Healing 
- Ritual, Fire Ceremonies and Manifestation 
- Adornment and Styled Photo Shoot 
- Ayurvedic Treatment
- Connection and Sisterhood 

3 x group coaching sessions before the retreat & many more surprise treats

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