The Love Alchemy

With our combined expertise in the Wedding, Beauty & Wellness industries, we create bespoke programs which are both valuable and sustainable, enabling you to stay centred, grounded and fully connected during this sacred time in your life.

Modern weddings are a whirlwind of designing, logistics, family politics and a ton of decision making. Let alone the pressure to look a certain way. Our mission is to empower you to look and feel incredible, stay mindful among the madness. Ready to radiate love on your wedding day and beyond.

We believe beauty comes from within, when the mind, body and spirit work in harmony together, so our programs alchemize both the inner and outer elements. You can start up to a year before your wedding or within a few months and is a co-creative process to suit your needs and lifestyle. 

Or gift yourself the experience of our bespoke sister circles on the morning of your wedding to transcend your day to a pure love fest.  Discover our journeys for Mind & Body, Skin & Beauty and On the Day below.

Mind and Body


Nutritional Coaching

To boost your internal support system, calm your nerves, get your skin glowing and guide you to your optimum health. Working with natures cycles to utilise the prime times of the month and year for detoxification, nourishment  and renewal. We work only with whole food supplements opposed to synthetic, as well as herbs, flower essences and essential oils.

Meditation & Pranayama

The ultimate key to finding peace along the wedding planning rollercoaster! These beautifully simple practices help you handle the overwhelm, keep you grounded in the present moment and give you the tools to arrive to the day ready to stop and smell the roses.

Intuitive Bodywork Massage

Combining Thai, applied yoga, accupressure and intuitive healing this deeply nurturing massage shifts stagnant energy. Creating space in your mind and body, it unlocks trapped tension and held emotions while easing you into a peaceful meditative state.

Creative Couples Connection 

Deepen your connection with our fun & creative practices, you will better understand each other, learn the art of conscious communication and compassion, to build a strong foundation and future together. 



Skin & Beauty

We work with the forces of nature to custom create your beauty routine. Getting you glowing like a goddess with carefully chosen natural products to address ALL the areas of your skin, hair and nails. We offer:

Crystal Healing Facials

Prepare to be transported. This treatment will soothe, renew, detoxify and  invigorate you. With organic skincare energised with crystals, flower essences and reiki, it tones the skin, reduces stress held in the face and body, leaving you glowing and radiant. The crystals emit far infra red rays to stimulate deep cell renewal and lymphatic drainage. Your body will drift away with an energy flow massage and reflexology, whilst the clay, flower and herbal masks work their miracles. Completed with energy healing and sound bath, you will float away lit from within. 


We believe makeup is a wonderful creative outlet, so we work together with you to design a look to illuminate your inner beauty and enhance your authenticity. Letting your true personality and expression shine through in every aspect of your style and creating a long lasting and wearable wedding day look.

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 08.39.55.png


On The Day

Love Alchemy 

Set the tone for the day with yoga, meditation and a sister circle with your loved ones. 

Anchoring your awareness in the present moment, keeping you connected to this divine experience and enabling you to watch your day unfold organically.

“When I think back to my wedding day (which was filled with so many beautiful memories) having the sister circle was one of the best." - Francesca   

The Love Alchemy is a bespoke movement and ritual circle. We gather together your special souls on the morning of your wedding for a beautiful circle to honor and celebrate you. To open your heart fully in order for you to receive the gift of this incredible love day. With deep presence you’ll feel grounded and serene, radiating love and light, ready to savior every moment of the day.

We lead you through morning yoga & movement to melt away nerves; hold a sacred circle with your chosen group to share awe inspiring poems, readings and a meditation to expand your heart. This experience allows you to fully embrace the infinite love around you throughout the day.

“I highly recommend having a sister circle. For me it was such a lovely way to kick start the wedding day. To sit for a short while, with some of the people you are closest to is such a special time. The sister circle was very emotional but so important to have the time on the wedding morning to just stop and think about my mum (who passed away 7 years ago) bringing her memory into the day itself. Throughout the day I had moments where I thought of her, and I felt that she was with me. 
"To have that time with my bridesmaids was wonderful and to be in such a safe place where I could let all my emotions out was needed before all the wedding preparations began!” - Francesca 

We also offer bridal make up and facials on the wedding day for you and your bridesmaids that include:

*Personalised oil blends to use on the day.

*Cooling eye mask to soothe tired eyes.

*Crystal facial massage to energize your skin in preparation for makeup.

*Organic Makeup to complete your look, ready to float down the aisle with radiance and grace.