You’re a whole hearted, fun loving, freedom seeking woman with a strong will to make a difference in the world who wants... 

fulfilling harmonious relationships that feel just as good on the inside as they look on the outside.

epic intimacy, deep connection and to be fully seen and heard and feel deeply accepted and respected.

healthy loving boundaries so you can live an easy, effortless and simple life filled with purpose, passion and pleasure.

deep self worth & respect and practical magic tools to make your life a whole lot more rich and juicy.


You're at a time in your life where you need more clarity and more courage than ever before!


“Abundant Love”


March 2nd-9th 2019

Goa, India


We live in a hyper masculine world which tells us we have to be more, have more and do more in order to get what we want. Always trying to fit in to someone elses mould of how we 'should' be. This makes us believe its safer to stay small and avoid rejection.

We teach women all over the globe how to harmonise the masculine and feminine energies and to create their own sense of belonging so they can live, laugh and love from a place of core confidence, contentment and peace. 

We weave our tried and tested methods into 7 days and 7 nights  so be ready for transformation as well as deep belly laughter and soul satisfying conversations with other awesome and inspiring women.

Be ready to feel your body unwind and watch your mind still as we guide you back home to the spacious place between your thoughts, with childlike curiosity and playfulness.