For women who want to explore what it means to be powerful and passionate, in a playful and creative way. Feel supported by sisterhood and celebrated at any stage of life.

Events & Retreats

Marrying the sacredness of ceremony and fun of festival, we create and hold space for you. Tap into your feminine super powers and connect to your soul with our divine alchemy.

Blissed out Brides

Arrive glowing like a goddess, deeply present able to absorb and remember every last minute of your magical day. Allow our treatments to transport you and coaching to support you.

Bespoke Retreats

We're wanderers too, lets fly away together and celebrate the magic of sisterhood. 

Lets co-create something miraculous and unforgettable. We'll travel to you for a day, weekend or week to hold your space, glitter your face and help you make and capture monumental memories.   

If you:

*Lust after an alternative hen like no other

*Desire an unforgettable celebration for a special occasion

Or our favourite;

*For no particular reason at all.


Be nurtured and nourished from skin to soul  for your wedding and beyond.

We bring all the elements together in our bespoke health & beauty program to connect your inner and outer goddess. Feel grounded, look divine, be honoured on the morning of your wedding.

If you:

*Dream of pre-ceremony rituals for your wanderlust wedding

*Want to float down the aisle radiating love and light

* Need some stress soothing and sister support

* Want to be held in the hands of health and beauty experts.



Join us to create, celebrate and connect. 

Our workshops enable you to embody your feminine wisdom,reignite your creativity and radiate beauty from within.

If your:

* Feminine essence is calling for some attention

* Body craves freedom of expression

* Wanting to get lost in your senses

* Soul's desperate to experience truth


* Ready to turn up the frequency and fun factor in your life